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Founder & Teacher - Neo Yoga Center

Akhilesh Bodhi  – founded this yoga institute in 2012 to give a good space for yoga learners to learn, experience, and explore the core principles of yoga. The students of all ages practice their connection to yoga sadhana. They will share their yoga experience with others. The training program at our yoga school is the most comprehensive and rigorous yoga teacher training program in the world academically.

Goa and Rishikesh are one of the calmest and most beautiful places for yoga; learning yoga at these locations will be a pleasant experience for lifetime and one that should not be missed in our advanced courses of 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Join the Neo Yoga India Retreats in Rishikesh and Yoga Retreats in Goa and take a deep dive into the spiritual journey and experience.

yoga teacher akhilesh

Highly recommended..

Akhilesh is an outstanding teacher with a great combination of strength and humour. The sessions are always fun and demanding. The best place to learn yoga and philosophy with highly intellectual teachers and cooperative staff. Highly recommended for yoga-lovers!

Max Murkser
200 YTTC 2000

Loved every day..

I loved every single minute of this 200 Hour YTTC! That month was one of the most transformative, challenging and beautiful ones in my life. I consider myself lucky to have been taught by the best yoga teachers who are passionate, experienced and knowledgeable

John Weiermann
200 YTTC 2000

Life Changing Experience..

I just finished my 200h YTTC in Goa with Neo Yoga India School, and it was truly a life-changing experience. The teachers were great and passed so much Knowledge to us on Yog philosophy, asanas and different types of yoga, so you can find your way. Thanks Neo Yoga India!

Manuela Maranhão
200 YTTC 2021

More about Akhilesh Bodhi..

Akhilesh Bodhi has travelled worldwide to teach Yoga classes to millions of students and conducted regular yoga retreats and workshops in various countries like Italy, Greece, Georgia, Austria, Turkey, Bali, Indonesia and other European / US countries. A staunch follower of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, he learnt Vedanta philosophy at Vedanta school, a yoga student of Sivananda Ashram in Kerala & Iyengar Institute Pune. He has studied with Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar and has also been trained with Ramananda Patel from San Francisco, USA.

Baasanjargal Tugsgerel

Review by one of our student..

My whole experience with YTT in Mahamukti Yoga Center in Goa was incredible. We practiced yoga everyday twice a day morning and afternoon, and had lessons on art of teaching, anatomy, phylosophy as well as cleansing, detox, Q&A, practice works, exams and many others. So basically except one day off which was Monday every day we were quite engaged both physically and mentally. All of the food in India at least the one in my yoga teacher training was amazing. 



Every morning we had breakfast in the beach resort we were staying and lunch in a different place as well as dinner also in another restaurant and it was nice actually to walk to these places while chatting with the classmates and exploring and learning more on the culture of the country and the people. All the food was vegetarian with choices, everyday they served different meals with nutrition and taste.



Practicing yoga in Goa in Mandrem beach hearing the sound of ocean waves, enjoying the gorgeous view and having the amazing mentors and the instructors really touched the root of my soul and mind and made my whole journey and training make so complete and unique. 



The one lesson I took away from this journey is just being humble, just completely humbling yourself, I thought that I know about myself, I knew so many things and been to many places etc but when I got to this country and experience something as a newbie it definitely humbled me to my knees in so many ways and maybe realize that there’s so much more to life that I already know that there’s so much more that I can learn now and just keep an open mind to everything and allow to experiences to come into your life rather than take them with your own judgment and your own preconcieved knowledge about them.



Last but not least, my humble and sincere appreciation to my yoga teachers and practitioners. I would very much love to recommend this YTT to anyone interested in a Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Retreat in India.